Applied Filter Technology

Applied Filter Technology, AFT, has installed biogas conditioning systems at 78 separate locations. In early 2005, AFT installed a new process called SWOP™ at a landfill near Paris, France and also at two landfill sites in South Carolina. The AFT is rapidly expanding biogas upgrading operations.

AFT signed a strategic partnership agreement with CHA Corporation and is working with us to combine the AFT biogas conditioning technology with the CHA microwave technology. AFT is currently marketing the WavePack process which is the CHA onsite microwave regeneration system integrated with the AFT carbon adsorption and sulfur removal system. Under the CEC grant, SMUD, CHA and AFT are working together to conduct field demonstrations of microwave technology for upgrading biogas produced from landfills, dairy farms, and wastewater treatment facilities for next two years. The first field demonstration will be performed at SMUDÕs Carlson wastewater treatment plant.

Chesner Engineering

CHA Corporation and Chesner Engineering (CE) signed the Working Relationship Agreement in February 2008. CE shall collaborate with CHA Corporation in the development of commercial applications for the CHA microwave technology. CE shall work with CHA Corporation on three activities; (1) Identification of potential opportunities, (2) Pre-commercial development, and (3) Commercial assistance.

Enhanced Recovery, Inc. (ERI)

CHA Corporation has been working with ERI for four years. ERI provided $50,000 and 915 MHz microwave generator for CHA to complete the Army SBIR Phase II Plus work to construct and test a 20-gpm water treatment mobile unit. Recently, ERI completed field demonstrations of the microwave-enhanced soil vapor extraction and ground water treatment using the 20-gpm microwave water treatment mobile unit.

Because of promising results obtained from the field demo conducted in Atlanta Georgia, ERI and CHA Corporation are currently combining microwave technologies developed by the two companies for contaminated site remediation. The microwave-enhanced soil vapor extraction is applied to increase VOC removal rate from soils, which significantly reduces the time required for complete site cleanup. The on-site microwave carbon regeneration system is applied to recover or destroy VOCs in soil vapor, which eliminates the need for a large catalytic oxidizer that would produce secondary air pollutants and greenhouse gases. The microwave water treatment system is applied to treat ground water contained in the contaminated site without creating any air pollution and greenhouse gas. This combined microwave technology provides significant environmental benefits and cost savings.

When the sales document for the combined microwave technology is prepared, CHA Corporation and ERI will jointly market the combined microwave technology to companies involved in contaminated site remediation. Also, we will contact companies operating in the soil vapor extraction and ground treatment systems industries.

ENTIRE Environmental Services, Inc.

CHA is currently working with ENTIRE Environmental Services in Baton Rouge, LA to develop a strategic partnership for the use of capturing and recovering VOCs and fuels from vented air and gas streams using microwave technology. ENTIRE operated the 100-lb/hr microwave mobile unit for almost 6 months but experienced many operational problems. Consequently, ENTIRE will send the mobile unit back to the CHA Corporation to repair and prepare for the field demonstration of microwave technology for upgrading biogas in Sacramento California. The major problem was related to the top seals that connect the quartz tube and the feed hopper. By changing the slot size distribution of the leaky wave guide may solve the problem. CHA Corporation will continue working with ENTIRE in scaling up the microwave reactor system to be capable of regenerating 500-lb/hr of saturated carbon.

Gerling Engineering

Dr. Cha has worked with John Gerling, President of Gerling Engineering (Gerling) for several years. Gerling Engineering will develop the automatic control system for a wastewater treatment unit and will be the prime contractor for CHA Corporation and Chesner Engineering to manufacture microwave units when the systems become commercialized.

Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)

There are approximately 48 dairy operations in the SMUD service territory, many with the potential of supporting an anaerobic digester to produce sufficient biogas for a combined heat and power generation system. SMUD is very interested in developing these local resources to reduce green house gas emissions and increase its portfolio of renewable power generation sources.

The California Energy Commission (CEC) awarded a grant to SMUD, CHA Corporation, and AFT to conduct a field demonstration of the microwave technology to upgrade biogas by removing siloxanes and other contaminants from landfill biogas. Also, SMUD is currently investigating the possibility of performing a field demonstration for the combined system of microwave DeNOx with biogas upgrading microwave unit to remove NOx from engine exhaust.

Thermex-Thermatron, Inc.

Thermex-Thermatron manufactures microwave equipment focused on microwave drying, heating, curing and bonding. However, Thermex-Thermatron does not deal with chemical reactions or air, gas and water purification. An alliance between Thermex-Thermatron and CHA Corporation would help to combine the two companiesÕ efforts resulting in a greatly increased microwave commercial market.

Mr. John Hokanson, vice president of Marketing and Dr. Warren Chesner visited CHA Corporation on May 9, 2007 to discuss potential strategic partnerships. Dr. Cha and his engineer presented the overview of the CHA microwave technologies and led a laboratory tour. The microwave technology areas developed at CHA Corporation will be a new and necessary addition to Thermex-Thermatron, enlarging microwave technology applications and increasing the markets for microwave devices.

Dr. Cha met Mr. Raymond Lun, president and CEO, Mr. Zoly Bogdam, Vice President of Operations and Technical Manager, and Mr. Hokanson on August 21, 2007 in Santa Maria, California. Dr. Cha presented the CHA microwave technologies and the status of the strategic partnership development to Thermex management on the afternoon of August 21st. On August 22nd Dr. Cha escorted Thermex management to Vandenberg AFB to

In February 2008 Mr. Hokanson signed the future Collaboration Agreement between CHA Corporation and Thermex-Thermatron for joint marketing of microwave technologies and the preferred commercial relationship. CHA Corporation and Thermex-Thermatron will continue to discuss in good faith other potential forms of relationships such as joint solicitations and joint ventures in the field of microwave based environmental remediation.