About the Team

President Dr. Chang-Yul Cha

Dr. Chang Yul ChaDr. Chang-Yul Cha is the founder and president of CHA Corporation. He also served as a Professor of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering at the University of Wyoming, from which he has recently retired. Dr. Cha has worked in the academic world for over 10 years and he has more than 15 years of industrial experience in scientific research, process development, and project management.

During his career, Dr. Cha has served as vice-president for Parahoe and SAI Corporations, research manager for the Western Research Institute, and for Occidental Petroleum, as well as a consultant to the United Nations. He is an active researcher and recognized expert in the fields of chemical reaction catalysis with microwave energy, in situ oil processes, coal utilization and upgrading, and other synthetic fuels research.

Dr. Cha has authored over 100 publications in oil shale, coal, tar sands, flue gas cleanup, and microwave induced chemical reactions. He has received the T.P. Hoar Prize from Corrosion Science (1981) and the outstanding paper award from the International Energy and Environmental Conference (1983). In 1998, Dr. Cha also received the Tibbetts Award from the United States Small Business Administration. That same year he also became an honorable member of the American Inventor Association. Dr. Cha has authored 55 patents in fields such as coal upgrading, oil shale and tar sand recovery, flue gas cleanup, microwave induced chemical reactions, and waste recycle processes.

Lab Director Paul Vergnani

paulvPaul Vergnani received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wyoming. After graduation he started working for CHA Corporation in 2003. In that time he started as a research engineer and has advanced to his current position of Lab Director. He has lead the design, construction, and testing of prototype microwave systems to regenerate activated carbon, destroy toxic air pollutants, treat contaminated water, and destroy hazardous solid wastes. He has considerable expertise with process design, fabrication, and analytical testing methods.

The Team

Cha Corporation TeamThe CHA Corporation team is dedicated to finding the best environmental solutions available. Dr. C. Y. Cha, the founder and president of CHA Corporation, is an expert in the fields of catalytic chemical reaction with microwave energy, environmental emission control, coal utilization, oil upgrading, and synthetic fuels research. His team is comprised of motivated young engineers and technicians who are highly skilled and energetic. This is a profound and focused approach to commercialization that will have an immense impact on our environment as well as our business.